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We listen to your problem. Analyse the business, formulate the solutions, create designs, develop ideas & then change the way you work..


The Journey is getting better & better each day. This is Exciting

Inspired by the products he made & the passion for technology made Abhi (Check his Profile here) cut the first turf for Apogaeis. Strong belief on his & his team’s expertise & potential inspired him to set the stage for Apogaeis. Hard work & Customer Satisfaction were the initial motto of Apogaeis. The vision behind starting Apogaeis was to “Build Ecosystems, not Just Products”.
Abhi & his team lived the same dream every day. The motto for the second year was to solve the universal problem, not a personal one. When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work is not an option, it’s a necessity. Hard work paid off as the company starts getting the expected momentum. As Abhi always say “Dreams don’t work, unless we do”.
The third year was the most crucial year for Apogaeis as, they need to keep the good work going. As the universal business rule is “Perform or Perish”, the need of the time was to accelerate the performance. No one backed down. Apogaeis won more clients & most importantly high-level customer satisfaction.
The goal was set for Apogaeis. “Get the feedback from your Clients, Celebrate your Success, Work harder on the bugs & Let’s Grow together”. Apogaeis increased the team, business verticals, offered services & started to climb the ladder to reach the next level of success. Apogaeis believed “Success doesn’t happen overnight. The most reliable way to build & expand your business is by determining what your customers want & delivering it”.
Apogaeis believes destination is not what’s most important. It is always important to keep on raising the standard of your service. In the course of raising the service verticals, Apogaeis keeps on doing three things. 1. Customer Engagement 2. Solving Supply & Demand & 3. Enjoying the Ride. It’s time to give our customers a software experience, beyond magic.

Your Trusted Technology Partner.

Exceed your client’s expectation. Give them what they want – and a little more.

What We Do

Agile Development

Continuous application development includes responding to business dynamics, cross-functional collaboration, user acquisition, respond to change in an uncertain and turbulent environment, improving and scaling the ideas on demand. Focusing immediate and long-term business goals.
Apogaeis effectively becomes your Business-cum-Technology partner with the motivated and self-organised team.

What We Stand For

Trying to build a business of value, rather than a business of success



After analysing the client requirement, we focus on Customer Centric Engagement Model & build our team around the relevant domain & technology to reach the highest client expectation.


Apogaeis takes complete responsibility for the entire project flow & on time project delivery with regular client updates. This helps the client to concentrate on their core business and take the strategic initiative to achieve sustainable growth.


Apogaeis believes in generating qualitative results. Quality & Innovation are the keys to succeed. We can assure you to get quality work within the deadline.

company philosophy
our commitment



Individuals at Apogaeis gets motivation from the client’s success at work and a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment. The team personally talk with the client & understand their business and business objectives so that both we and our client work on the same page.

A willingness on the part of individuals to contribute much more to the organisation than their formal contractual obligation leads to an outstanding client relationship and helps client and Apogaeis to innovative solutions aligned with the goal in a profitable manner.


Your Potential is our Passion


company mission

To deliver impeccable business solutions, that drives innovation which can inspire your dreams.


company vision

To reach new heights every year, by continuously improving our services & solutions to achieve phenomenal customer satisfaction. Our endeavour is to be the market leader in the industry of Technology & IT Consulting.

Core Values

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  • Go for simple & INNOVATE solutions
  • LISTEN what others say & then speak
  • QUALITY is always the best business plan
  • TRUST others & be trustworthy
  • EXCELLENCE is not a skill, it’s an attitude


    Coming together, Working together, Sharing together, Succeeding together


    Thinkers in Apogaeis are the people who plan, organize, staff, lead, direct, control, motivate & most importantly inspire the entire business vision & team. They are the key decision makers who show the path in which to go for accomplishing the goal. Thinkers in Apogaeis are responsible for deployment & manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources & natural resources.

    company-page-circle business managers
    company-page-circle software developers


    They are the true rock stars behind the software magic. The team consists of engineers, technical experts & business consultants. They execute the plans effectively & efficiently. They play an important role in deciding the culture of Apogaeis. Every day, they take challenges, set personal goals & delivers like a pro. In short, they are Apogaeis’s Brand Ambassadors.