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Today, businesses run in a highly competitive environment. The technological evolutions are highly desired to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace. With the change of needs, customers are increasingly expecting simple, innovative, and cost savvy experiences.

Software Consulting

Apogaeis’s global IT Consulting Services helps business leaders to draw & implement future business growth plans by using advanced technical solutions in IT security, Development, Production and Data Management & Applications. Our consulting services will balance your IT needs with your business objective. Our consultants work with you keeping IT security & privacy of data in mind, work on fixed set of strategies & deploy the final solution on time, which is a great value addition to your business structure.


  • Software Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Brand Consulting
  • Enterprise Application
Software Consulting is the process which starts from the assessment of the client’s organization’s process to offer an appropriate software solution based on the assessment. Then the process of documenting, computer programming, testing, bug fixing, creating & maintaining frameworks & applications associated with software release life cycle & releasing the final product takes place one after another.

Apogaeis’s role is to advise our clients in selecting software solution during the phase of assessment and audit management processes of the company & then assist the clients in:
  • Adaptation process for the selected software
  • Writing functional requirement prior to selection of the software
  • Preparation for application means tests to validate the settings

  • As part of quality approach we undertakes the setup process which decreases the risk of errors. Apogaeis helps SME’s & large scale companies to implement scalable, technically high software solutions.


    • Strategy & Transformation
    • Technology Consultation
    • Architecture & Methodology
    • Release, Licensing & Productization
    • Market Penetration Strategy
    IT consulting benefits



    • More focus on core business functions
    • Reduce downtime
    • Reduce Cost
    • Improve Productivity
    • Access highly talented consultants
    • Technological edge over competitors
    • Availability
    • Data Security


    It’s a Good Question, but we’ve Got Some Proven Answers

    Consulting starts by providing strategic & transformational, architectural, operational, implementation & market penetration planning. Our consultants follow certain structure for our consulting services.

    Strategic planning, includes advisory services that help our client’s to analyse their software needs and design system implementation plans.

    Architecture planning, consists of consulting services that unify strategic plans and technical expertise to create the logical design of the system and the supporting infrastructure to meet customer requirements.

    Operational planning, includes services that assess the operation efficiency and capacity of our client’s IT structure.

    Implementation planning, includes services aimed at advising customers on the rollout and testing of new solution deployments.

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    We follow our proven project management methods for our clients to ensure projects are being delivered on time, under budget with high standards. We understand your expectations, & believe us, we won’t disappoint you.